Novena candle for animals 1
Novena candle for animals 1

Novena candle for animals 1

Vegetable novena candle with the image of a multitude of pets and a prayer for their healing on the back of the candle.
Burning between 9 and 11 days, depending on the room temperature.
Dimensions of the candle: 6 x 18 cm

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  • Dutch


Would you like to order by carton? It's very simple! Choose the candles you like, whether they are different or identical, and add them to your basket.
A box contains 20 novena candles. You can mix different colors, images and fragrances!
Moreover, for 6 candles purchased, only the first 5 count, the sixth is deducted from your order, so it's free!
Burning time: 9 days
Vegetable oil
Dimensions: 6 x 18 cm
Candle weight: 520 gr

Prayer on the back of the candle - Select the language from the options to get the prayer in your language
Dear Guardian Angels, dear Saint Francis, dear Saint Peter and dear Saint John, thank you for uniting your love and your healing power to make this animal heal quickly.
Thank you for your help.

6 cm
18 cm
6 cm
520 gr
Vegetable oil
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