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Novena candle Mary who unties knots...
Novena candle Mary who unties knots...
Novena candle Mary who unties knots...

Novena candle Mary who unties knots sandalwood scented - box 20 pieces

Sandalwood scented novena candle with image of Mary untying knots and prayer dedicated to her on the back. She is to be prayed. A perfect combination for a purification of the air.
A box contains 20 candles
Combustion between 9 and 11 days, depending on the ambient temperature.
Dimensions of the candle: 6 x 18 cm

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You want to order by box ? It's very simple! Choose the candles you like, whether they are different or identical, and add them to your cart.
A box contains 20 novena candles. You can mix and match different colors, images and scents!
Moreover, for every 6 candles purchased, only the first 5 count, the sixth is deducted from your order, so it's free!

Sandalwood is used to calm anxiety and purify the air.

Burning time : 9 days
Vegetable oil
Perfume : sandalwood
Dimensions : 6 x 18 cm
Weight of the candle : 520 gr
Weight of the box : 10kg700
Contains 20 candles

Prayer on the back of the candle - Select the language in the options to get the prayer in your language
Mary who unties the knots
Pray for us
Holy Mary, Virgin filled with the presence of God, throughout your life you accepted with total humility the will of the Father and the Evil One was never able to catch you in his snares. You never cease to intercede for us with your Son to solve our difficulties. With great gentleness and patience, you show me how to untangle the bundle of knots that choke my life. O you, my Mother for ever, by eliminating all disorder, you bring to light the bonds that unite me to the Lord. Holy Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, with a maternal heart you undo the knots that hinder my life: I ask you to receive into your hands this knot that I present to you: (name it if possible) ......
I ask you to free me from the traps and chains in which my enemy, Satan, holds me. By your grace, by your intercession, by your example, deliver me from all evil, O Mary, and undo this knot which prevents me from uniting myself to God. Thus, freed from all confusion and error, I will praise Him in all things, keep Him in my heart and be able to serve Him, always, in the person of my brothers.
Mary, you who untie knots, pray for us.

6 cm
18 cm
6 cm
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Vegetable oil
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