Orange novena candle - Musk fragrance

Orange novena candle - Musk fragrance

Orange novena candle scented with musk.
The musk scent is known for its relaxing scent. It can also drive out the demons of the night and push back the nightmares.
Continuous combustion of 9 days.
Composed of vegetable oil.
Dimensions: 6 x 18 cm
Weight: 520 gr

No dyes or chemicals. Our candle is tested in our laboratory department to keep the best quality.


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A box contains 20 novena candles.

You can mix different colors, images and fragrances!

Moreover, for 6 candles purchased, only the first 5 count, the sixth is deducted from your order, so it's free!

The scent of musk is famous for relaxation. It can also chase away the demons of the night and repel nightmares.

Duration of the combustion: 9 days, the combustion can vary according to the ambient temperature.
Composed of vegetable oil
Scented with musk
Dimensions: 6 x 18 cm
Candle weight: 520 gr
No dyes, no chemicals

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